How and when would I use the options like “Age” or “GradYear” or Jersey #, etc?

Those options are available in the Setup Preferences form / Setup Preferences tab in the bottom drop down box under the heading of “Select labels used on the Enter names form”. All of these seven options are identified throughout the entire evaluation and can be sorted on at the rankings tabulation reports. For example select the “Age” option and then go to the Enter Names form and you will notice that after entering a player’s name the next field ask for the Age of the player. This is how an evaluator would use this: the evaluator enters players or athletes and their ages and then when at the Rankings Tabulation reports the evaluator wants to sort or filter out say all of the 19 or 20 year olds and then build the reports that way. Another example would be selecting “GradYear”. A college recruiter at a travel team showcase event may want to sort and filter say all of the players by their Graduate Year. Another example is to use the “E-ID” option. The evaluator is at a combine or a tryout where all participants have a number ID pinned to their jersey. These options basically extend the depth and detail the evaluator has at its disposal when sorting and filtering the reports.

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