Can I share my evaluations with others?

In order for others to legally use PEM, they must have a licensed copy of the App. If that is the case, create and share PEM evaluations amongst your evaluators, your peers, and any other licensed user. You can freely disseminate any of the printed reports.

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I want to export the rankings reports for my evaluation using many scenarios. Will I have to manually name each exported file?

No. Let’s use an example. The evaluator has named the evaluation “2017 Combine Los Angeles”. Every time the ranking reports are export, the exported file names use a sequential naming convention. Using this example, the first time you export the ranking reports the Excel file will be named “2017 Combine Los Angeles”, the second time [...]

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I’ve added pictures to the evaluation’s photo folder but still can’t see them in the user’s profile tab. What’s wrong?

Adding photos to a players profile is done at the Rate Players form. The sequence is to first create a photo folder while in a player’s ratings profile (click or touch on the Create Photo Folder icon). Afterward open that photo folder and copy or move the player’s photos into it. Remember to use the [...]

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I’m a strength and conditioning coach. How can I use this app?

Create a new evaluation and enter the name(s) of those to be evaluated. Create you categories and evaluation labels and then rate (evaluate) each participant in your class. Print daily, weekly, monthly ranking reports and post them on the bulletin board for all to see. To avoid having names on the reports, change “Player Name” [...]

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What’s the purpose of adding comments to the skill set labels?

It’s to explain or to expand upon the definition of the label. Evaluators who setup the evaluation use this feature to relay to the evaluators what he/she is actually looking for in that skill set. Evaluators can view (turn on/turn off) comments when rating the player or when viewing the ranking tabulation reports. This is [...]

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