How many times can I evaluate a player or athlete?

You can evaluate athlete / players as often as you’d prefer. For example. If you wanted to show the players their evaluation when coming into your program and if you/they wanted to track their progress monthly, re-evaluate them in one month and compare results. Some programs do an evaluation when the season starts and then [...]

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Isolate a Player? When do I use that?

The best way to described it is when you want to isolate or high-light a player’s name and numeric rankings on the ranking reports. This will hide all of the other player names while keeping their numeric values shown on the reports. Some evaluators use this method to give printed ranking reports to the individual [...]

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Can I use a stylus pen on a tablet to enter text and numeric values, and when is it more convenient to use a stylus pen versus using a keyboard?

If you are using a tablet that does not have a keyboard attached to it, a stylus pen and finger gestures will be the only options to communicate with PEM. Open the On Screen Keyboards and select the On Screen Writing Pad option. Use the stylus pen to write text and numerical values into PEM [...]

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How many times should I print ranking tabulation reports?

There is no definitive answer for this. Let’s try to clarify a few items. First, the ranking tabulation reports have endless combinations using the sorting and filter options. Evaluators can create any scenario of combinations of what to display in each report. Run several scenarios, print a banner page for each scenario and repeat the [...]

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