What is a “for-a-fee” or a “paid” evaluator?

There are PEM evaluators who are coaches, scouts, recruiters or x-athletes that advertise their expertise as an evaluator for individuals, events, groups or teams for a fee. They may or may not be associated with one team or organization but these evaluators promote their evaluation services to others for a charge.

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How do I setup for a walk-up tryouts and evaluations?

This can be done with one device or several devices. With one device (Tablet, Laptop) setup your device on a table at which you are sitting and question the registering participants for their information (i.e., name, age, jersey #, grad year, etc.) and enter it directly into the “Player Names” form. Also, if you have [...]

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Are there sample metrics for various sports already defined in the app?

Yes. In this app there are 10 sports with pre-defined sample metrics already typed in. They are Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Strength & Conditioning, Track – field events, Track – running events, and Volleyball. This app allows you, the evaluator to type in any metric label and category heading that you want. You [...]

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